Best chicken india(Foodie tip)

Merath se 25 km aage padta hai “khatolli” highway ke neeche se 2sri gali me(can reach their via local bus) aur wahaan ke sher-e-punjab hotel me milta hai india ka best chicken. The guy prepares it himself and this was told to me by my rail buddy Mr. Sunny Tyagi(merath)(he is in force) & is posted in orissa & we shared our seats in 3ac comp. On 18-4-2013. Quite some useful tips I am getting here.

So foodies time to pack your bags & rush to merath!

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The W.O.M Effect: The psychology behind Word Of Mouth Publicity

It is magical!

It is magical!

My sister went to watch a new bollywood movie titled “Nautanki Saala” with her boyfriend. Now rest assured she is no cold hearted critic but her review of the movie was “Pakau(boring) &Kheechu(dragging)”.


I didn’t watch the movie because of that comment or rather the WOM(Word Of Mouth) Effect.

20 days later a bored individual aka ME downloads the movie because he has nothing better to do & guess what!! I love it! This comedy of errors is a valiant effort in uplifting the image of a crappy crop full bollywood. But the point is someone’s remark affected me so deeply that I changed my mind about watching the movie.

The same happens when you like a movie. You tell your friends,family & every acquaintance you come across about how good the movie was & trust me they change their minds & perception of the movie because of those words.


I have & will always be fascinated by the intriguing mysteries of the human mind & this one is an addition to it. Can words really affect you so much? I believe the WOM Effect does support the theory. Sorry if this felt like a first draft but guys there was no better way to pen this down.

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Khoon Choos Le!

Main nahi jaana X3 is ghar ko chhod ke!

This is the catchphrase of a new bollywood movie & to some extent it is true for each one of us. We think our lives will be better off in a different city or a different country but is that what you really want? When you are 60 don’t you want to relish your mom’s home cooked meal? Don’t you want to skate inside the house?

Give it a thought over a cup of coffee.

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When my dream came true.

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

The day i got a call from World Cyber Games India(2011) office to tell me that I had qualified as the No.1 contestant for the Samsung Mobile Challenge in the Pan Asian Championship to be held in Jakarta,Indonesia. It was my first flight and I had earned it.